Animal Crossing Pocket Camper is better than Animal Crossing

Why Animal Crossing Pocket Camper is Better Than Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Pocket Camper is better than Animal Crossing. At least, it is to me. I know I am in the minority on this, but I am not saying this for click bait material. I truly believe it.

Now before you get the tar and feathers out, please, hear me out. Take into consideration my reasoning behind it, and maybe, you can see my point. A lot of the reason I gravitate towards Animal Crossing Pocket Camper over the traditional Animal Crossing games has to do with my lifestyle.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camper can be played at all hours.

You have to give me this one. I had heard for years about how great the Animal Crossing franchise was, and when they announced one of the first mobile games would be centered on the series, I decided to see what I had been missing. GameStop had a used copy of New Leaf, and I had some credit. I figured why not try it.

I am a father of two. My kids are in elementary and middle school. We have things like basketball, baseball, and the typical extracurricular activities. Many times, I do not open the 3DS until eight or nine at night. Imagine my frustrations when I get to the village and everything is closed, and now the only thing I have to do is clean up the town.

It’s like being a kid again. I am a child of the eighties. Back then, places like Walmart closed at eight or nine in the evening. There was no such things as 24 hour stores. That is what my town is in Animal Crossing. Retro may be in, but it doesn’t need to be that in.

Enter Animal Crossing Pocket Camper. Anytime I head to the campsite, I have friends there to greet me, and if I want to purchase some shoes from Mabel, she is there for me anytime just ready to get me the latest color of pumps. You can’t beat that.

Pocket Camper is easily accessible.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camper is always there with me. Now, I realize the nature of the beast makes that so, but still, it is extremely easy to access Pocket Camper. I have my phone with me 24/7. Yes, I even have it in the powder room. Don’t judge. You know you do, too.

If I have some time to just chill during the day, it is easy to whip out the phone and provide oranges, apples, and pears to my fury little animal friends. I do not have to hunt down the 3DS, make sure it’s charged, boot it up, wait for it to load, and hear Isabelle ask me if I’m ready to go to my town.

I realize that we aren’t comparing apples-to-apples (pun intended), but it is really so nice to have the app ready to go with a push of the button. Here is hoping whatever iteration of Animal Crossing that comes to the Switch is as instantaneous as Animal Crossing Pocket Camper.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camper is expandable.

Look at all of the updates we have had for Pocket Camper. It is so easy just to drop another round of campers into this game.  With this latest update, I think we are up to 61 campers. I am sure there is plenty of room for more, and they are constantly running special events.

As the Winter Sports Event is closing, I can almost bet to expect some sort of Valentine Event. This a is a great way to keep people coming back for more. Personally, I enjoy going after the special apparel as well as the special items you have the ability to craft.

Tom Nook keeps his mouth shut.

I have to admit it. I hate Tom Nook. You do too. He reminds me of all the bad things about the sales business (which I am a part of). He gives our entire industry as bad name.

Nintendo Rewards

Okay, this is a stretch, and I know it. However, you can earn My Nintendo Coins through Animal Crossing Pocket Camper. Next to Fire Emblem Heroes, this is your best bet on the road to My Nintendo riches. Now, what you can get for the coins isn’t much, but that isn’t Pocket Camper’s fault.

For those who don’t know, you can receive up to 180 coins per week with Pocket Camper. My personal strategy is to do enough tasks to get those 180 coins, and the rest of the week is just working on the friendships with the campers that are not locked. Could it be a little more exciting? Yeah, but there is still some reward involved.

Again, Animal Crossing does not have the luxury of rewarding us anymore. Here is hoping that Nintendo keeps this in mind for the next release.

Final Thoughts

With all of the chatter on the web, I know that my idea that Animal Crossing Pocket Camper being better than Animal Crossing isn’t a popular opinion. The depth isn’t there, but even for the most die hard traditional Animal Crossing fan, you have to admit there are things that can be pulled from Pocket Camper to add to a full version of the game.

Of course, that is a completely different post, and if rumors are true, it may be one we will be talking of in the near future. For the time being, keeping earning them My Nintendo coins. Who knows? Someday, you may be able to pick up something real nice for them.


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